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Modern Syrian Folk Art

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Handmade in America

Aida Dalati and Tulip Kurdi have teamed up to celebrate their rich Syrian heritage by resurrecting traditional embroidery and sewing folklore, pulling from imagery and themes from the five major Syrian dynasties (beginning with the Umayyads of Damascus and ending in 1400AD with the crumbling of the opulent Mamluk era). 

These commissioned projects are collaborations between American artists, Syrian-American volunteers, and Syrian refugees. The project seeks to empower, educate, and cultivate an international community through the arts–bringing together women from the Turkish refugee camps, California, New Jersey, Holland. And counting.

Please help us celebrate the good life and prosperity for all with this handmade carefully designed collection.



Art Changes Lives

Designs using fashion textiles and modern needle art are hand sewn by Syrian refugee guests in the USA, Turkey, Idlib and beyond. Your contributions and purchase directly support Syrian women in America by providing an income, independence, and happiness all around. Our Staten Island, New York and Menlo Park, California workshops gather both American volunteers and Syrians to create Syrian heirloom worthy folk art craft items.




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Folklore for Good

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Embroidered Buttons

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Who We Are

Aida Dalati is a Syrian American textile and jacket designer, specializing in Middle Eastern folk art. She has also authored a book "Restoring Damascus With Watered Down Paint". Aida Dalati Atelier is based in Menlo Park, California.

Tulip Kurdi is a Syrian American Jewelry designer based out of New York City. She is a partner in Al Khayat Gallery (Laguna Beach, California).